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Barely There Publishing House

Barely There Publishing House

Barely There Publishing House ® is a non-profit cottage enterprise in the process of moving from the basement and into the kitchen.

All materials found within the pages of this book are the possessions of the authors and the artist and at no time shall any of the stories accompanying the recipes be duplicated for use or for profit without the written and/or expressed consent of the authors, if you can find them. The duplication of all or any part of the illustrations is strictly forbidden. Well, unless you are a friend of the artist (and she knows who her friends are!).

This book is intended as a gift for the pleasure and for the private collections to those individuals who receive it. It is not for public sale and can't be bought for love or money. However, that being said, hobbits are not above the temptation of a basket filled with mushrooms. Actually, a handful of mushrooms will probably do the trick.

Hannah & Friends
A collection of stories and recipes assembled by Hannah Twinkletoes.
Illustrated by Susannah

Collector's Edition

This book was made possible by those special people who took time out of their busy schedules to write down their favorite recipes and in some cases the stories which accompany them.