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The Burglar

Updated: Tuesday, 31-August-2010

First I will begin by stating I don't have a Burglar, I've never played a Burglar and I don't plan on having a Burglar in the near future. So if anyone wants to help with this page please write me. Ok, moving on now. Let's begin with the basics.

As everyone knows the most famous burglar of all time was a Mr. Bilbo Baggins of The Shire. Well, perhaps you don't know? If that is the case, you need to catch up on your reading and the history of Middle-earth. But we are not here to argue the merits of a well-rounded education. We are here to discuss the class of Burglars who currently inhabit Middle-earth. Perhaps you have what it takes to become more famouser than the great Bilbo Baggins? We should start at the baseline to determine that.

Right from the starting line then, if you are an Elf or a Dwarf, there is no need to apply. There is just no such thing as an Elf Burglar. That travesty simply doesn't exist. And while Dwarves are known for their ability to delve deeply into the earth they are not known for doing so quietly. So that leaves only two races available then; Hobbits and Man. That is not to say that only male humans can be Burglars! Some of the finest burglars are female humans. It's another fact that there simply aren't that many quiet males around. I know of only one, but he's not even a burglar. But back to the beginning, you must choose from Hobbit (male or female) or the race of Man (male or female) and in order to do that you should know the basic attributes each are endowed with.

unfinished article: more to come

These class quests are designated to be level 50 quests but when your Burlar is 45 he will receive both. They are obtained by visiting your class trainer stationed anywhere in Middle-earth, Your trainer will offer you the quest: The Truest Course is Awarness. You will be told to visit Sterling Proudfoot in Buckland but please don't think that you can go directly to him without first obtaining the quest from your trainer. Sterling Proudfoot will dutifully flatter you and then give you two quests: Articles of Cunning and Impliments of the Night. Once you have completed both quests, and obtained your rewards, Sterling Proudfoot will tell you might be able learn something from Bilbo Baggins. So much for the flattering. Off you go to Rivendell to find the burglar of great legend, if he does say so himself, Mr. Bilbo Baggins. You will be glad you went because you will get the Burglar Class Trait Stick and Move.

NOTE: I've been told that the items found in the Misty Mountains can also be found on like-creatures in Forochel and that the items found in Angmar can also be found in Eregion on like-creatures.

Articles of Cunning
BOA with active quest
icon tooltip 12 ** Blinding Snowbeast-fur Beast: Snowbeasts
icon tooltip 1 ** Driftclaw's Windswept Hide Beast: Signature Giant Snowbear
icon tooltip 20 Unyielding Drake Scale Dragon-kind: Drakes
icon tooltip 10 Glossy Cave-claw Skin Beast: Cave-claws
icon tooltip 1 Goblin Badge of Rank

no Urugarth map yet
Orc-Kind: (Goblin) Arkrúr
lvl 47 Boss
icon tooltip 1 Insignia of Battle

no Carn Dûm map yet
Orc-kind: Uruk
lvl 48 Bosses
Implements of the Night
BOA with active quest
icon tooltip 5 ** Hollow Brimstone-leech Fang Beast: Brimstone-leeches
icon tooltip 1 ** Narglup's Split Claw Beast: Signature Warg
icon tooltip 5 Hateful Worm Eyes Dragon-kind: Worms
icon tooltip 5 Venomous Dread Turtle Beak Beast: Deadly Ironscale Turtles
icon tooltip 1 Warg-keeper's Token
no Urugarth map yet
Orc-kind: (Goblin) Athpukh
lvl 49 Boss
icon tooltip 1 Cruel Talon of Azgoth

no Carn Dûm map yet
Ancient Evil: (Morroval) Azgoth
lvl 52 Boss

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