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The Minstrel

Updated: Friday, 3 September 2010

There is much to write about when it comes to Minstrels. I am in the process of adding more information daily so please check back frequently. When I finish working on the maps then you will be able to see them by hovering over the icon of the item in question.

These class quests are designated to be level 50 quests but your char will receive them when they are 45. They are obtained by visiting your class trainer stationed anywhere in Middle-earth. Don't worry, your class trainer will send you to the appropriate person to start the quests.

NOTE: I've been told that the items found in the Misty Mountains can also be found by like-creatures in Forochel and that the items found in Angmar can also be found in Eregion.

Articles of Harmony
BOA with active quest
tooltip 12 ** Matted Snowbeast-fur Beast: Snowbeasts
icon tooltip 5 ** Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp-plate Orc-kind: Tarkrîp Goblins
icon tooltip 15 Revered Wight Remains The Dead: Wights
icon tooltip 20 Clouded Worm Eye Dragonkind: Worms
icon tooltip 1 Ashen Gorthorog Horn Troll-kind: Gorthorog Trolls
icon tooltip 1 Goblin Badge of Rank Orc-kind: (Goblin) Arkur
Implements of Song
BOA with active quest
icon tooltip 1 ** Narglup's Blunted Tooth Beast: Signature Warg
icon tooltip 12 ** Chipped Rock-worm Fang Dragonkind: Worms
icon tooltip 15 Splintered Warg Claws Beast: Wargs
icon tooltip 5 Grisly Bat Talon Beast: Bats
icon tooltip 5 Corrosive Droplets Beast: Brimstone Leeches
in Carn Dûm
icon tooltip 1 Emblem of Ritual Orc-kind: Morthrang
icon tooltip 1 Rune of Winged Dominance Ancient Evil: Morroval Azgoth

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