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Updated: Sunday, 3 August 2010

NOTE:I am currently updating each trait/deed page. Please check back every day to see what's up. If there are any errors anywhere please contact me either through the address given at the bottom of the page or in game post addressed to Sauve.

I'll begin by realizing that we are able to customize our characters' abilities by a considered selection of various sorts of traits. Now, what are traits? Traits are the 'bonuses' that will enhance those attributes, combat and mitigations, that your character had, or in some cases didn't have, when you created it. There are 4 Trait Lines:

This article is about Virtue Traits.

As your Character levels its needs will change and these changes can be adjusted for by modeling Traits. If you have ever played a role-playing game before you are aware that it's standard practice to allow you to modify your character's baseline stats as they level with some type of game mechanism. In LOTRO this is done via the Trait System. Since the Class Traits and Race Traits you will become familiar with just by playing your character I won't discuss them now but there will be smaller discussions later. The Virtue Traits, however, can help your Character alot and they can be selected so that they make playing true to your own particular style that much more enjoyable. For example, you may find that anything which increases your vitality or power might be the best to choose prior to being level 30. After 30, perhaps you will prefer more damage or critical values. You will eventually discover as you move from region to region or even into specific dungeons, that Virtue Trait selection is most prudent. Whatever you do, what you are sure to discover is by ignoring your traits your gameplay time is going to be more tedious than fun. Yes, it is possible to play the game without ever working on your Virtue Traits but then, again, it is also possible to sign your entire real-life net worth over to the "Make Sauve Rich Now Fund". I didn't say it was fun, I said it was possible.

So when do you get Traits and how do you get them? I presume you have already opened your trait panel but if not I offer you this small image with the levels in each box meant to indicate when that 'slot' will become available for use.

large image

As you can see, there are 20 various Trait Slots available. What you may not know is that there are approximately 50 traits all together. I say 'approximately because I don't have characters in all classes and races who have finished all of their various types of Deeds. Now there's a new word: Deeds but let's get to that in a minute.

What makes LOTRO different than many games regarding this facet of character building is that each trait is in fact 3 traits, not at all unlike the crafting but that is another story. This holds the character builds into a firm management line for the developers. It means that you can not build the most uber character in the game but it still allows you to build your character to suit your playstyle. Now onto deeds and deeding.

I have to tell you the truth and it's some players think of Deeds as grind. I admit, some deeds sure feel like grinds but I would say that is more true on subsequent characters than on the first character you will bring to the cap level. Wouldn't it be great if the developers would allow us to 'buy' deeds when the game goes free? Ah, well, guess what. You very nearly can. You will be able to purchase acclerated deeding with your LOTRO points at the Local and Friendly LOTRO Store. Be careful what you wish for though. Yes, you acquire points by deeding but if you are F2P (Free to (translation = 2) Play)you just might want to save your points for an exchange when the the game is a bit more challenging. Example? Ok. When I was invited to beta what I saw were 3 people who had no possible way to buy the Lone Lands, which is the place to go after Bree-land, The Shire, and Ered Lune. I know. I know! What sick mind would ever conceive of making you expend your cherished LOTRO points for the Lone Lands? Apparently there exists in Turbine Central some S/M personalities. Anyway, what is a Deed and what does a Deed have to do with Traits?

Your Character does have a Deed Log but I have placed an image below so you can keep reading this most interesting and informative article without the inconvenient interruption of trying to log on while maintenance is ongoing. (Yes, I do know that 'Maintenance' is the only time we gamers actually do our research work even though we all deny it. That alone should prove to you that I am a gamer. Also that I am writing this as Maintenace is taking place.)

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Traits are awarded for only those deeds which your character has completed but not all deeds lead to traits. Some lead to titles and others lead to emotes Still it does seem to be a bit much to accomplish 50 or more deeds just to get a trait, doesn't it? Well, if you are thinking that, then you are one of those really optomistic people. You should probably qualify for sainthood, I'm sure! Actually, you will want to cap those traits you have planned for your Character and you will want to cap some for later also. What I'm trying to tell you is that only 5 Virtue Traits are going to be enough. If they are Virtue Traits, then you are going to be forced to start the trait and then do the deeds that are associated with it until you have capped that Trait. Right now Virtue Traits cap at 10 so if you do more than 10 deeds on a trait then you will see 10+1 or more on the trait description. Some traits you won't care about tiering up but they will just happen naturely. Other traits you might care about very much though. The good news, and there is two parts to this good news, is that you don't need to tier up every single Virtue Trait. The second piece of good news is that you can change your traits quite easily at Bards scattered in every major encampment and city throughout Middle-earth. That's a good thing because as I said earlier, different levels and different locations are enhanced by tweeking your Character's traits.

It seems I may have forgotten to tell you what exactly Deeds are. I didn't. Virtue Deeds come in different flavors. There's killer deeds That's where you have to kill so many numbers of whatever critter the NPCs are holding a grudge against or you just happened to kill one of 'whatever' and now you have a deed. Yippee!

There are explorer deeds: those typically occur when your Character is be moving from one place to another and suddenly see 'You have discovered ____________' flash across your screen and little symbol notifying you that you now have several more places you don't care to know about but must find before you will complete the deed. My advice? Buy a fast horse or roll a hunter.

Finally there is the deed to complete a certain number of quests in each region of Middle-earth. (I just know that Strider never worked this hard!)

Just below I have placed a table in which I have grouped the Virtue Traits by whatever it is they enhance. This might help you to plan for those deeds you believe you will need. If you want to know where to get those deeds then you can either click on the icon in the table below or return to the Table of Contents page. Either way, you will end up at that specific Virtue Deed's page that lists the deed per region.

ICMR caps +60

NCMR caps +270.8

Max Morale caps +58
ICMR caps +45

Max Morale caps +58
Agility caps +30
ICMR caps +30 Agility caps +15 Incoming Tactical Damage caps -5%
NCMR caps +541.5 Might caps +15 Disease Resist Rating caps +609
NCMR caps +406.1

Max Morale caps +286
Might caps +8
NCPR caps +405 Agility +30 Incoming Tactical Damage caps -5.5%
morale NCPR caps +405 armour value attribute Wound Resist Rating caps +1014 Incoming Ranged Damage caps +1.5%
NCPR caps +303.8 Will caps +30 Wound Resist Rating +609
NCPR caps +303.8 Incoming Ranged Damage caps -5%

Incoming Tactical Damage caps -1.5%
NCPR caps +202.5 Will caps +15 Fear Resist Rating caps +2029
NCPR caps +202.5 Wound Resist Rating caps +2029 Incoming Ranged Damage caps -2.5%
Max Power caps +123 Armour Value caps +270 Fate caps +8
morale Max Power caps +62 Armour Value caps +150 Vitality caps +30 resist mitigation
Max Power caps +31 Vitality caps +15 Incoming Shadow Damage caps +770
Armour Value caps +405 Fate caps +15 Fear resist Rating cap +15
Might caps +30 Disease Resist Rating caps +203 Incoming Melee Damage caps +1.5%
Fate caps +30
Will caps +8
Fear Resist Rating caps +1014
Vitality caps +8 Poison resist Rating caps +2029 Incoming Shadow Damage caps +380
Poison Resist Rating caps +1014 Incoming Shadow Damage caps +230

Incoming Melee Damage caps -5%
Disease Resist Rating caps +2029

Poison Resist Rating caps +609
Incoming Melee Damage caps -2.5%

NOTE: I have been asked where I copied all this information from. I want to make it clear that I haven't copied anything. Either I did all these deeds on my characters or I've received some information from friends. I am aware that this list is not complete but am currently working on deeds that are either missing or incomplete. I have made every effort to be accurate, taking the information from screenies, but occassionally I make a mistake. My typing and spelling skills are not known for perfection. If you catch a mistake, please let me know. I will give you credit for the correction when I verify the information. You may contact me at:

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